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As you may or may not know, there is a new player on the social bookmarking scene – Papaly.

Papaly is similar in layout and useability to Pinterest, only instead of posting pictures, you post links to your favourite/own websites. It’s kinda cool and fun and is stored on a cloud. (Sounds nice, doesn’t it?)

Instead of boards like on Pinterest, you have categories to organize your links. Create a category then simply copy or type a link in there. All of your links are on one page – very handy. If you have a lot of links, you can import them.

The header section is the same set up as YouTube, so if you already have YouTube channel art, you can use the same file here.

My biggest problem was with signing up. Going to the home page ( takes you to a tutorial, where you can actually use the site without registering. I wanted to create an account, save my page(s) and use it for Freebie Diner exposure and for meeting new people who are also interested in being frugal. I’m not always the brightest star in the galaxy I guess, because I found it nearly impossible to find the sign up page. I was looking for an obvious “SIGN UP HERE” type of link.

Obviously, I did eventually figure it out. I tried numerous solutions but I think I finally found it when I tried to exit the ‘Try It/Tutorial’ page. Why’d it take me so long? Because I originally opted to try it without registering.

Papaly try or register screen

Papaly try or register screen

When you first go to the website, you’ll see this at the top. Your settings button looks like the one highlighted and circled in red below. Go ahead, poke around and familiarize yourself with things. If I’m not mistaken, this is where you’ll find the link that takes you out of the tutorial and to the Register page. Sorry, can’t make any guarantees. Like I said, I tried a lot of things before finding it. settings button

Join us on

Once you have created your account, the fun and creativity begins. Start adding and sharing links, make your home/start page look good, meet new friends and discover new sites.

I found a couple of sites that I didn’t know existed. One very helpful and the other very entertaining. They were distracting me from work but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 🙂

Join Us on Papaly – We May Even Add Your Link to Our Page

Why not check out this? Yeah, they’re the ‘new kind on the block’ but that makes it a little more fun and interesting, I think. Besides, it’s free, so you have nothing to lose. Well, except maybe time. It could become your new obsession.

By the way, if you have a valuable link to share that reflects our mission of helping people live a more affordable life, feel free to share your links with me on the site, in the comments here, or email them to me at [email protected] Doesn’t matter if they’re your own or someone else’s, I will check them out and if they’re a good fit, I’ll add them to our page.

Something to note:  I have contacted support to find out if Papaly only runs properly on Chrome, or if it works with other browsers, too. I’m also going to ask a question about setting up the start page. If I get any helpful answers, I’ll come back and update this post.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Join Freebie Diner on Papaly

Share the freebie fun!
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