Free Stuff – Why Do Companies Need my Zip or Postal Code?

Another helpful article from Freebie Diner! Why Do I Sometimes Have to Give My Zip or Postal Code to Get Free Stuff? When companies market, it’s all about targeting those who are most likely interested in their products. Makes sense, from both a financial view and an efficient advertising perspective. Some of those marketing efforts involve the collection of zip codes […] Continue reading →

Life Cycle of a Freebie

Lifecycle of a freebie offer Everybody Loves Free Stuff Who doesn’t love getting stuff for cheap or free? Nobody I know. Even if you don’t need to take advantage of offers to help your family, freebies are just plain fun! I doubt many people look past that to consider the life cycle of a freebie. I know I never had. […] Continue reading →

Are Freebies Really Free?

Free Soap sign If it Looks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck… Many people, myself included, tend to feel a little suspicious when somebody offers us stuff for free.  The old cliches come to mind….      “If it seems to good to be true, it must be.”      “What’s the catch?” It’s only natural to want […] Continue reading →

Welcome to the Freebie Diner!

Warm welcome to Freebie Diner video featuring old drive-in footage     Freebie Diner’s Doors Are Now Open This is Freebie Diner’s Grand Opening post and we are so excited about opening our doors to serve you! Inside this website, you’ll find an ever growing menu of money saving coupons and trial offers, in addition to those freebies, contests and samples that we all love. […] Continue reading →