Using Freebies for Christmas

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Using Freebies for Christmas

Using freebies for Christmas can provide a bit of financial relief

Using Freebies for Christmas Relief

Well, it’s coming up that time of year again. Christmas. Time of family joy and goodwill towards men. Also, a time of financial stress for many.

The whole point of Freebie Diner is help you live a more affordable life by serving up offers that help you get stuff for cheap or free. It’s our mission and we work hard to fulfill it. Thus, a post about freebies for Christmas.

Yes, it’s a little early. My American friends haven’t even had their Thanksgiving yet but for those of you wanting physical product samples by mail, starting now is good. If you wait too long, the company may no longer offer what you are hoping to get, or you may not get your samples in time for the holidays.

So, I guess you could say that this is a reminder. As the time draws closer, I will post as many Christmas themed freebies as I can find for you.

A Few Ideas of How to Use Freebies for Christmas

I’ll just do this in list form, although I imagine that you already know most of these:

You get the idea. These product samples are really useful, either to keep and use yourself, or for giving and entertaining. Take advantage of them if you can. It costs you nothing except parting with your address (and maybe email) so they know where to send them. A great way to save a little money, try new products and potentially extend your gifting resources a bit.

Non-Physical Freebies for Christmas

By now, almost everybody is aware of the fact that there are many digital gifts and freebies. Some you won’t want; others will be what you’re looking for. Once again, I’m Captain Obvious. 🙂

A few examples of possible digital products you’ll want for Christmas:

  • Free game downloads to entertain your own or visiting children
  • Free digital Christmas cards – doesn’t cost anything to send and the variety has improved over the years
  • Holiday printables
  • Holiday craft instructions
  • Recipes
  • Maps/weather/traffic toolbar if you’re traveling this holiday season
  • Digital scrapbook
  • Gift tags
  • Stories
  • More

There are a lot of creative, money-saving things you can do with free digital products. You’re limited only by your imagination.

I think the thing I like most about the whole freebies for Christmas thing is that it gives us the opportunity to create a really unique experience for our loved ones.

These are memories in the making, something to cherish.

I believe they will be remembered longer and more fondly than an expensive gift that you can’t really afford. After all, that’s not what it’s supposed to be about, is it?

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