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We’re happy to honour Lauren Puryear (For the Love of Others) and add her to our Freebies Heroes list!

A New Addition to Our Freebie Heroes Hall of Fame

I know I’m a couple of days late with this post but I couldn’t miss listing Lauren Puryear in our Freebie Heroes section. She’s been up to some pretty amazing things, using coupons to help others.

What’s so impressive (aside from her generosity) about this Virginia mother of a five year old, is that Lauren has only been couponing for a year!

Her goal:  to feed as many people as possible with the least amount of money. She’s aiming to deliver 30,000 meals to people who are hungry and homeless before her 30th birthday next year on September 14th –> 30,000 by 30

Her methods:  food drives, free lunches in the park, extreme couponing

Couponing time investment:  5 – 10 hours per week

Her inspiration:  her grandmother. Lauren is a mental health clinician who is continuing her grandma’s tradition of helping others. To honour the grandmother who helped raise her, she founded an organization, For the Love of Others, to help provide basic essentials to the homeless.

Coupon Clipping for a Cause

Couponing became an important financial aid to Lauren, who was originally paying for everything out of her own pocket. As you can imagine, the costs climbed high. Coupons have become an important tool in her cause. “I was introduced to couponing about eight months ago and knew that was my golden ticket to be able to help so many people,” Lauren told

Lauren’s goal is a big one to handle alone, so she has friends and volunteers help her with the weekly Sunday coupon clipping and with the transporting of food. Even with help, it’s a ton of work to fill the stomachs of so many hungry people. To date, she has fed 5,000 people in three different states. Amazing!

Freebie Diner salutes and tips its hat to Lauren Puryear and her organization and helpers. You all rock, thank-you for being Freebie Heroes!

If you’d like to congratulate Lauren personally, you can find her on her Facebook page at








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