Freebie Diner Disclosure Statement

Okay, this site owner is based in Canada, and though we don’t have to comply with the FTC (U.S.) ruling of disclosure, we only feel it right to do so.

At all times while on the Freebie Diner website, assume the following:

  • To pay for the monthly hosting bills for this site, I (Shirlee, legal site owner) make a small commission every time someone signs up for an offer by clicking an ad or link on
  • If the amount ever rises above the costs of running Freebie Diner, I shall be exceedingly happy to make a profitable living helping other people live a more affordable life
  • I am not allowed to use the links on this site myself for taking advantage of great offers…..just so you know
  • Technically, if I receive an email from you, your words belong to me <insert maniacal laugh>. Luckily, I use my powers for good, not evil
  • I will always do my utmost to provide website visitors with offers of value
  • If you have issue with Freebie Diner’s disclosure, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Well, I don’t know what else to say. If you think of anything I missed, just give me a holler and if it’s a good idea, I’ll add it here. Will even thank you by name for it, if you’re okay with that. See, I told you – good, not evil.


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