The BIG List of Free Online Coupon Sites – U.S. Updated 2015

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Free Online Coupon Sites for U.S. Residents

You know, when I started researching this post, I was initially boggled at just how many free online coupon sites there are! Then I realized that most of them all point to same few sites. Well, boo. That’s what I thought but then discovered that some of them offer their own unique spin, whether it’s with a forum, customizable page, rating system or some other feature that our American shopper friends can benefit from. So, yay.

There are actually many more than what is listed here but I was starting to see double, so stopped. 🙂 I may add to this or do a new post in future. I do plan on creating a list of manufacturer’s offers, too. Not sure when, though.

Tips About These Free Online Coupon Sites and Something to Keep in Mind

Many of the retail sites are offering the same coupons or codes, so I would just go with the one that you feel you like the most.

I’ve never run into a problem with a coupon site but I strongly advise you to do your own due diligence. Hmmm, guess that’s pretty strong language for something that’s free but:

– make sure that the coupons are still good and that your local store will accept them, not all will

– if the site redirects you to a discounted merchant page, be sure to check them out before giving them any of your sensitive information

In other words, stay safe while shopping online.

Special Point of Interest

For all of you into natural and organic living, scroll down to find Mambo Sprouts. It looks like a great site, offering ONLY natural and organic product savings.

Without Further Adieu…

With all the caution and preamble out of the way, I present to you….

The BIG List of Free Online Coupon Sites

Red Plum – U.S. based. Allows you to load their coupons to your stores’ loyalty programs

Smart Source – U.S. based. Offers digital (card linked) and printable coupons.

Coupons – Digital and credit card linked coupons

My Coupons – Coupon codes for discounts on non-grocery items from companies like Footlocker, JCPenny, Macy’s, Best Buy, Nike, etc.

Retail Me Not – Search half a million coupons from more than 50,000 stores! These discount codes are for items such as clothing, beauty, baby items, accessories, etc.

Deal Catcher Printable Coupons      Deal Catcher Grocery Coupons     The first link is for non-grocery.

E-Coupons – Tons of offerings, mostly for hotels and vacations, electronics, diapers, printing, etc.

The Coupon Mom – According to The Coupon Mom, this site will cut your grocery bill in half while helping to stamp out hunger. Hundreds of free printable grocery coupons and store deals.

Valpak – Offers restaurant coupons, coupon codes, printable local coupons.

Mambo Sprouts – E-coupons, contests and giveaways, recipes, coupon book and more. All coupons and info are for natural and organic living products.

A Full Cup – Find, share and trade your coupons. This site also provides a blog and forum, in addition to printable coupons.

Pocket Deal – Mostly retail store coupons here. Unique thing is that they provide user ratings for each company listed in the coupon offerings. Some online and offline shopping involved.

Southern Savers – A mix of grocery and retail printable coupons, along with some unique custom features and tutorials to help you learn to save money while shopping.

My Savings – Free samples, free stuff, coupons, sweeps and blog. No forum for the US site that I could find.

Cool Savings – Lots of grocery coupons and deals, as well as free stuff, coupon codes and a price comparison tool, recipes and tips.

Slick Deals – This is another retail coupon site. No grocery coupons that I could find but lots of deals on just about anything else you can think of.

EBates – Online coupons and coupon codes on a variety of category items. You get a percentage cash back on your spending, too.

Savings – Another retail site that appears to offer mostly clothing, electronics and housewares. As far as I could tell, the site gives you coupon codes and deals only.

Coupon Cabin – Retail coupons, grocery coupons, printable coupons and coupon codes.

Any Codes – Printable and grocery coupons and deals. They also provide coupon codes.

US Promo Codes – As the name suggests, this site offers coupon codes.

Coupons Smart – Codes and coupons from popular stores await you here. I did not see any grocery offers.

Free Shipping – Free shipping and coupon codes for well-known retail stores.

Dealio – Coupons, codes and deals. Check the right hand column of the deals list. Notice that there is a thumbs up/down user rating that can tip you off to a bad deal.

The Bargainist – Yet more retails coupons but really, can you have too many? They also have a freebie category.

Deal Locker – Still young, so not as many codes and deals as some of the others. Unique – listings feature a “Verified” symbol.

Fat Wallet – Coupons and promo codes for name brands and retails products. Grocery deals can be found in their forum:

Coupon and Promotional Codes – Please note that when you click on the little scissors to redeem a coupon, you will likely be taken to the advertised manufacturer’s site.

Fresh Coupon Codes – Like the name says….

SumoCoupon – This site lets you find savings by store name search. It may just be my computer or ISP but I found that the page loaded very slowly.

Deals Plus – Offers printable coupons and coupon codes from retailers. Also bears user ratings on each coupon page.

Way4Deals – Gives you codes to get discounts. Redirects you to shop on the manufacturer’s website, where you insert the code.

Frugal District – More retail. Surprised? 🙂 I don’t personally like the design of this site but it may resonate with you.

Discount Coupon Discounts – Codes only for retail products.

Coupon Chief – I was very surprised to see a coupon code for a tractor supply company here. Variety is the spice of life, right? They also have the traditional Kohl’s, Macy’s and so forth, too.

Coupon Gravy – The name makes me hungry. 🙂 Codes only here. There is an extremely annoying ad in the right sidebar that flashes at a million miles an hour but perhaps it will be gone by the time you look at it.

Coupon Codes 4U – Site design is a bit different. Wine, tickets, cosmetics and the usual array of retail offers. They also list some exclusive codes.

Coupon Refund – Coupons, promo codes and discount deals. I noticed an interesting term in their tag cloud – artificial trees. Just goes to show you that if you look long and hard enough, you can find a deal on almost anything.

EZ Coupon Search – Promo code and discount coupon site for retail items.

Deals Bell – More than 6,000 stores and greater than 90,000 coupon codes. All retail, of course.

Me Find Coupon – Clean, colourful site with a rewards system and a community. More than 7,000 active store offerings.

Deal Pocket – Codes for retail products, including eye wear, computers, wine and travel.

Rebate Giant – Coupons, codes and rebates.

Couponz Daily – Printable grocery coupons. Hallelujah!

Coupon Puppet – Umm. This is interesting. Have a look. There’s an 18 second video on buying flowers, featuring a sock puppet. Yup, unique.

Discount Reactor – Mostly fashion codes. Also has a community link.

Living Rich With Coupons – Store match-ups, unadvertised deals, savings tools. This site does offer printable grocery coupons but it looks like at least some of them come from

Blue Promo Code – Tons of sub categories within four main ones. I didn’t find any coupon codes for groceries, however.

What is Coupon Code – Online and printable coupon codes.

Coupon Park – Codes, printable, holiday, exclusive and verified coupons for a variety of retailers.

50 Free Online Coupon Sites

That’s 50, I think. I hope so, I’m starting to get a little bug-eyed. Should be enough to keep you going for a while. 🙂

As I mentioned at the top of this page, I make no warranties about any of these sites. I merely searched them out and brought them to your attention. It is, after all, our mission to help you live a more affordable life. How better to do that than by using a big list of free online coupon sites? Enjoy the savings!

Everybody loves a bargain, especially your friends and family!

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