Free Canadian Grocery Coupon Sites – The [Not So] Big List

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The Not So Big List of Free Canadian Grocery Coupon Sites

Previously, I posted a Big List of Free Coupon Sites for our American friends. Since this blog and I are Canadian, it only seemed fitting to do something similar for Canadian shoppers.

Why This Big List of Coupon Sites Is Not So Big

Three words – because we’re Canadian. In the US, there are many grocery chains, which creates competition and hence, more bargains offered to consumers.

Here in Canada, that is not the case. There are basically three major chains and I know that at least one of those owns discount grocery chains, as well. For example, Loblaws is also No Frills.

Better Couponing Opportunities Stateside Than in Canada

In the states, you can engage in extreme couponing and realize enormous savings. That is very difficult to do in Canada for the above mentioned reasons. Still, any savings is good, especially if you are on a tight budget.

You won’t find any stores offering to double up nor, as far as I know, are you allowed to combine a manufacturer’s coupon with one from a store but if you watch for sales and use your coupons, you can chip away at your food costs.

At the end of the year, you can realize quite a bit of combined monthly savings. In fact, it might be rewarding to track how much you save to see how well coupons are working for you.

The [Not So] Big List of Free Canadian Grocery Coupon Sites

Unlike the American post that I wrote, this one is strictly for grocery coupons. Why? Simply because I felt it was important, plus from doing the US list, I learned that organizing information into categories is far easier to navigate for readers.

You may notice, as I did, that some of the sites offer the same food coupons. That’s only natural, due to the grocery monopoly in this country. There are only so many stores offering savings.

Note that some of the sites also offer coupons for retail items, as well as daily deals. I have provided links for grocery savings categories.

Really, it mostly comes down to which site you like using. So, find one that clicks with you then start collecting your printable coupons and saving on your grocery bill.

As always, exercise caution when using an unfamiliar site. I only bring them to your attention, cannot make any guarantees about them. I do leave out any that look ‘fishy’ to me. Still, in this day and age, it pays to be careful.

Here you go. Happy Saving!

Printable Grocery Coupons – Canada

Canada Couponing

Smart Canucks

My Savings

Smart Source

Grocery Alerts

Save a Loonie

Canadian Free Stuff


Extreme Coupons and Savings

Mrs. January


Go Coupons

Fabulous Savings

Coupon Click

Canadian Coupons

Money Saving Mom Canada

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