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Heads Up About Some Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers

Maybe “alert” (in the title) is the wrong word, perhaps “heads up” is more appropriate. When I thought about it, the word alert has a kind of ominous tone and this ‘heads up’ is anything but that.

I’ve found out a bit more about the free baby stuff for expecting mothers (as well as post-birth) and special offers that are being given away after signing up for the EverydayFamily offer. Thought I should pass the information along, both so you know a bit more about what you’d be getting into and so you can take advantage of some really great stuff for your baby. With Christmas coming, some of those items could help in that regard, too.

Exclusively for Members

Unfortunately, you are only able to gain access to these products if you are a member. Also unfortunately, only U.S. residents are eligible through the offer we present here on Freebie Diner. That means that even I, a Canadian, cannot dig deeper to discover the real nitty gritty workings of these.

Okay, with all that out of the way, let’s down to it.

Freebies From Your Everyday Family Membership

Whether you are holding that little bundle of joy in your arms, or are still looking for free baby stuff for expecting mothers, I think that at least some of the following will hold value for you.

Once you have registered, you are entitled to access the freebies and special offers page. There, you will find (at the time of this posting) a list of ten different companies that you can order from. They include:

  • Gerber – Join the MyGerber community to access nutritional content, personalized features and interactive tools.
  • Pampers – Sign up to the Pampers rewards program and get a 100 point bonus.
  • FREE American Baby Magazine Subscription for Expectant Mothers
  • ReadySetEat Newsletter – You’ll receive easy dinner recipes you can make in under 30 minutes with 7 ingredients or less plus coupons and local grocery savings.
  • Free Guide on Blood Cord Banking – Learn more about these stem cells and how saving them with CBR could save a life.
  • Get up to $250 in FREE gifts from Enfamil Family Beginnings® – advice, discounts, free samples and goodies.
  • Similac® StrongMoms® – for up to $329 in benefits. Expert nutrition advice for pregnancy and beyond.
  • SC Johnson’s [email protected]® – Exclusive content and special offers when you join.
  • – Exclusive deals and great weekly giveaways – everything from must-have strollers and car seats to maternity store gift cards and more.
  • Gerber Life – Free child ID safety card

Just for US Residents

You get to pick any and all you want, just click the little box beside each one you choose. I’m afraid that I can’t tell you what comes next…I’m Canadian and only you Americans can gain entry. 🙂

My assumption is that you are taken to the appropriate site, where you would register and then the items would be sent to you. Only makes sense that it would work that way.

All of the above freebies are in addition to your chance to win free diapers for a year. Now, wouldn’t that be nice!

Enter for a chance to win free diapers for a year from EverydayFamily banner

Enjoy the enormous perks and benefits of becoming an EverydayFamily member, plus enter today for your chance to win! Good luck!





Share the freebie fun!
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