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Get a Free 2017 Discovery Pass for Parks Canada

Free 2017 Discovery Pass from Parks Canada - girl looking at beautiful mountain scenery

This free 2017 Discovery Pass offer is available to people worldwide. Come visit beautiful Canada and help celebrate our 150th birthday.

Since Canada Day is fast approaching, I thought it a good time to bring to your attention the free
2017 Discovery Pass from Parks Canada.

This isn’t just for Canadians, all people are welcome from anywhere in the world to come and help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

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What is a Discovery Pass?

A Discovery Pass gives you admission to all of Canada’s national parks, national marine conservation areas and national historic sites, anywhere in the ten provinces across the country. This offer goes until December 31, 2017.

What a Free 2017 Discovery Pass Gets You

With the pass, you get free admission entry to all the places mentioned above.

You can also get a free 2017  Seasonal Lockage Permit, allowing you passage through lock systems on all of Parks Canada’s national historic canals throughout the entire 2017 navigation season.

That’s not all!

Additionally, you can get a Seasonal Mooring Permit, valid for overnight mooring at seven national historic canals, two national parks, and one national marine conservation area. This permit is valid for the entire navigation season. Mooring is on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no reservations allowed. Maximum mooring periods vary by location.

You can find out more on the Parks Canada Passes and Permits website.

What the Pass Does Not Include

Your Free 2017 Discovery Pass does not include overnight camping, tours, etc. It gets you and yours into the parks, conservation areas or sites. Please note that the pass does not get you into Provincial Parks. This is a Parks Canada offer only.

But this really is an amazing opportunity to see first hand, our country’s natural beauty, historical locations and waterways. It’s a great way to introduce your kids to new scenes, wonders and cultures if you’re from a different country, too.

How Many Free Passes Can I Have?

In 2017, you can get up to four passes for free. Got six (or sixteen) family members, friends or club members? No worries, you only need one pass for your family or group. You just have to be traveling together – either entering the park at the same time, or arriving in the same vehicle.

Finding Locations Covered By the Free Pass to Visit

Visit this page to view all available locations that you can enter with the free 2017 pass.

How Do I Get My Free 2017 Discovery Pass?

Parks Canada has made it easy to order and get your pass(es).

You have two options:

  1. Order your passes online from the Parks Canada website here:  Free 2017 Discovery Pass and have them mailed
  2. Pick them up at a park entrance, or at one of the Canadian locations listed here:  In-person Discovery Pass Pickup

If you order online and wait for the passes to be mailed to you, expect to wait at least three weeks for your pass to arrive. Parks Canada suggests that if you are planning on using the pass within a month from ordering, that you pick up it up in person instead to ensure you have it on time.

For more information about this offer for a Free 2017 Discovery Pass, visit the Parks Canada Passes and Permits website.








Share the freebie fun!

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