FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are the offers on Freebie Diner really free?

Yes, if they are advertised as freebies, rather than trial offers. When we say that, we mean that they don’t cost money but out of necessity, you will have to give your email or mail address, so you can receive the offered goods.

One exception may be print coupons that you access online. Always read the offer requirements to find out for sure what companies want from you.  Most of the time, you merely have to give your email address and perhaps your name but it really does depend on the company and type of offer. To find out more, read this article on the topic. Don’t be scared, just enjoy.

Hey, I clicked on an offer but was taken to something else! What gives?

That is likely (usually) the result of one of two things – either the offer is not available in your country, or it has expired or been pulled. While most offers are for the U.S. and Canada, there are international offers available, as well. Simply look for offers for your area.

Okay but how do I find offers for my country?

Look to the right. See various country listings in the sidebar? That’s right, just click one. You can also use the search bar farther up the page. Sorry, that part is self-serve.

How often are new opportunities to get free stuff added to Freebie Diner?

As often as they become available, hot from the kitchen.

Are offers on this site good forever?

In a word, nope. Companies typically run advertising campaigns for a certain period of time. They will either set that time at the beginning of the offer, or simply pull the offer when they feel it’s run its course. When we find out about the death of an offer, we return to the offer’s post here and mention it is no longer running, or take the post down.

Why the heck do you call this site Freebie Diner?

Well, Shirlee grew up in a small town diner and this website offers freebies. Ergo, she combined the two to come up with the name. And what she says goes, so….

Are there any terms or privacy stuff I should know about?

Certainly. You can find that information by the clicking Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions . Take your pick. If you’re into legal jargon, it makes great reading material. 🙂

Do you make any money from this site?

Disclosure:  We get a lot of visitors and hosting is costly. To help us to manage the monthly bills, we get a small commission every time somebody signs up through our offers. I dream of the day when the income is higher than the costs!

I tried an offer on this site and have some feedback…can I leave a review?

Of course, you can! Simply type a message into the comment box. Your review could help others decide whether or not to take advantage of an offer.

I don’t have time to read through all the great offers but I still want free stuff. Isn’t there an easier way?

Uh-huh. We were hoping you’d ask, actually. It’s just part of our customer service. Simply add your email address in that space at the top of the right sidebar and we will send you weekly email notifications of new offers, coupons, samples and trial offers. Easy peasy!

Yeah, well you didn’t answer the question that I really wanted to ask!

No prob, we are here to serve. Contact us at [email protected]


2 thoughts on “FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Patricia Rost says:

    how do i get ur free samples

    • Hi, Patricia. Click the link(s) of the sites you want a sample from. The companies handle sending out their samples, we just research where to find them and list them here.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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