Confessions of a Samples Hoarder

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Samples hoarder collection of samples

I’m becoming a reformed samples hoarder!

I Confess – I Am a Samples Hoarder!

I am not a hoarder in general, honest. It’s just the samples, the mountain of samples that
I’ve collected over years and decades.

Currently, I’ve pared my collection down to 53.

Fifty-three may sound like a lot but this haul started out much larger.

My original intentions were good. I’d tuck travel sized samples away for trips. Trouble was,
I’d forget that I had them and when the time came to pack, I’d go out and buy what I needed.

So much for planning.

I also thought that some of the nicer samples, like expensive facial products, would make
good stocking stuffers. Unfortunately, they suffered the same fate as the travel samples,
hidden and hibernating for years.

There were others that I knew I’d never use, so gave them away. Others exploded with age,
began leaking, or simply ‘turned’ and became unusable. Yet I kept the rest, just unable to
toss them out.

I had become a SAMPLES HOARDER!


Now, the day has come that I have to do something about it. I actually parted with old (old!)
partial bottles and put them in the garbage. I slammed the lid shut fast, so I wouldn’t be
tempted to retrieve them. Baby steps.

So now, I’m down to only 53. ๐Ÿ™‚

What I Plan to Do with All These Samples

Well, the first thing I’m doing is making the decision to declutter and recycle my numerous
little products. I’m committed to breaking my samples hoarding habit.

Here’s the breakdown of what I’m starting with:

2 – Sparta Berry tea light candles
12 – Face creams, cleansers and refreshing spray
1 – Pulse point balm
2 – Lip stuff
1 – Deodorant
1 – Package of emery boards
4 – Facial wipes (packages)
3 – Body wash
6 – Shampoo
5 – Conditioner
8 – Lotion
2 – Soap bars
1 – Bath oil
1 – Bubble bath
1 – Sunscreen
1 – Toothpaste
1 – Dental floss
1 – Breath cleansing spray

And here’s my plan:

Sparta Berry tea light candles – My nature is to keep my favourite scented candles
until they’re all faded, dusty and no longer smell pretty. And Sparta Berry is my absolute
fav! These tea lights are only a few years old. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve started burning them and have already
given myself a pat on the back. Like I said, baby steps.

Face creams, cleansers and refreshing spray – I’m fighting the urge to save them
for my travel toiletries bag. Instead, I’m keeping them near the bathroom sink and will
actually use them, one per day.

Pulse point balm – Going to use it and keep it in my purse.

Lip stuff – Use it.

Deodorant*sigh* It’s such a perfect travel size! So, it goes into my toiletries bag.
Directly in, not stowed away somewhere to be forgotten.

Package of half-size emery boards – Already in my purse and ready to go!

Facial wipes (packages) – Unsure, as I quit wearing makeup when I got GBS. Because I
still have residual paralysis on the right side of my face. These may go to one or both of my

Body wash, shampoo, conditioner – I’m going to drain them into my big bottles for
day-to-day use.

Lotion – 1 by the bed; 1 in my purse; 1 on the bookshelf by the couch. Five backups. Those
little tubes and pouches don’t last long.

Soap bars – Use them – 1 in the bathroom; 1 at the kitchen sink.

Bath oil – Using as a foot soak. I don’t like an oily ring in the tub.

Bubble bath – I don’t like the strawberry scent of this one, so I’m using it as liquid hand
soap. The downside is that it’s very drying. But I have lots of lotion. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also used some to do
some hand washing.

Sunscreen – I have it out, ready to use this summer, either on myself or my great
granddaughters, who are all toddlers.

Toothpaste – This one is from 1985. Gross. IF it’s still a paste, I will use it to clean some
(fake) jewellery and maybe around the bathroom taps, or some silver or something. Maybe
it’ll take the coffee stains off my spoons. I’ll use the toothbrush that came with it. Just don’t
trust 31 year old toothpaste enough to put it in my mouth.

Dental floss, breath cleansing spray – Both are in my purse, at the ready to keep my
breath fresh, no matter where I go.

Closing Words From Yours Truly, the Samples Hoarder

There are other things you can do with samples, like use them in a guest room. If I had one,
I would. But I don’t, so the above actions will have to do. It’ll save me a bit of money and let
me try some new stuff.

Most importantly though, is that doing all this represents a breakthrough, a big part of the
process of freeing myself. Of putting my sample hoarding behind me.

It feels good.

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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Samples Hoarder

  1. patricia rost says:

    how do i get this confessions of a saple, or any of thes samples?

    • Hi, Patricia. I accumulated those samples over several years.

      You can try our Samples section (link at top), plus we have some more sample offers coming soon to replace the ones that have recently expired.

      Hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

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