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4 Weird and Wonderful Microwave Tricks

Microwave with a bunch of bananas on top - 4 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Your Microwave Do you know anyone these days who doesn’t own a microwave? Me, either. Microwaves are fast, energy efficient and are now very, very affordable. Also, they don’t heat up the kitchen in summer like the stove or oven can. You can use your microwave for more than heating and cooking, though…   Experiment With These […] Continue reading →

Piquant Sauce – My Mom’s Recipe

Meatloaf with piquant sauce Piquant Sauce Meatloaf We didn’t have much money when I was a kid. Back then, hamburger was cheap and we ate a lot of ground beef dishes, including meatloaf. When I was about 13, my mom introduced us to the addition of piquant sauce. Since then, it’s the only way I serve or eat meatloaf […] Continue reading →

Mock Maple Syrup Recipe (3 Steps)

Mock Maple Syrup Recipe - pitcher of syrup MOCK MAPLE SYRUP Ever start cooking before you realize that you’re out of, or running low on pancake or maple syrup? Or, perhaps money is in short supply and you need a cheap alternative. That’s what mock maple syrup is good for. This recipe is one that I got many (many!) years ago in my […] Continue reading →