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Collecting Freebies | What Are Those Funny Links?

Woman's Hands on Computer Keyboard While Collecting Freebies You’re Collecting Freebies….but Something ‘Funny’ is Going On So, you come to Freebie Diner, find an offer you want to take advantage of and click on the ad box to get it. You look up and see a funny looking link, maybe it starts with 1trk, flvb, qdmil, something screwy-looking like that. You wonder about […] Continue reading →

Freebie Heroes | Edward Daniels

Edward Daniels in Extreme Couponing News Freebie Hero Edward Daniels Edward Daniels is the first profile in our three part series on Freebie Heroes. We have two others lined up to mention but there may be more come to our attention, especially as Christmas draws ever closer. What Constitutes a Freebie Hero? Freebie Diner considers anyone a hero who uses their […] Continue reading →

How Freebies for Charity Fight Poverty

Infographic of Food Stamp Usage in the United States, 2011- Oct. 2013 Freebies for Charity – Fighting Poverty Everyone remembers the economic blow of 2008. There really isn’t any point in dragging it up again, it would only bring back bad memories and encourage sadness in many. That’s not what we are about, nor is this article. The reason for writing on the topic of poverty is […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Uses for Freebies You Don’t Need or Want

Little sample bottles are terrific for guest bath and bedroom Top 10 Uses for Freebies You Don’t Need or Want   We all love getting freebies, don’t we? Usually, we only consider offers for products and services we have an interest in but getting free stuff can be heady – sometimes we take advantage of an offer because getting free stuff is just plain fun. […] Continue reading →

Trial Offers – The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

Trial Offers - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly One of the many offerings on the Freebie Diner menu is trial offers. Why? Because they fit our getting-stuff-for-cheap-or-free criteria. And many people like them, which is great but this is an area that you should educate yourself about before leaping in. We’ll go through things in the same order mentioned in the title.   […] Continue reading →

Free Stuff – Why Do Companies Need my Zip or Postal Code?

Another helpful article from Freebie Diner! Why Do I Sometimes Have to Give My Zip or Postal Code to Get Free Stuff? When companies market, it’s all about targeting those who are most likely interested in their products. Makes sense, from both a financial view and an efficient advertising perspective. Some of those marketing efforts involve the collection of zip codes […] Continue reading →

Life Cycle of a Freebie

Lifecycle of a freebie offer Everybody Loves Free Stuff Who doesn’t love getting stuff for cheap or free? Nobody I know. Even if you don’t need to take advantage of offers to help your family, freebies are just plain fun! I doubt many people look past that to consider the life cycle of a freebie. I know I never had. […] Continue reading →