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How Do You Contribute to the World?

Heart Plant. How do you contribute to the world? This post is a little off-topic but runs so parallel to me personally right now. When something critical pulls you away from the computer, from work, from your responsibility to your website visitors, it can give you pause, make you think. In my case, the emergency involved an aging parent and his aging BFF. Both […] Continue reading →

Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers Alert

Get Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers from Everyday Family This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy here. Heads Up About Some Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers Maybe “alert” (in the title) is the wrong word, perhaps “heads up” is more appropriate. When I thought about it, the word alert has a kind of ominous tone and this ‘heads up’ […] Continue reading →

Join Us on Papaly for Link Sharing

Papaly try or register screen Freebie Diner is Now On As you may or may not know, there is a new player on the social bookmarking scene – Papaly. Papaly is similar in layout and useability to Pinterest, only instead of posting pictures, you post links to your favourite/own websites. It’s kinda cool and fun and is stored on […] Continue reading →

Using Freebies for Christmas

Using Freebies for Christmas Relief Well, it’s coming up that time of year again. Christmas. Time of family joy and goodwill towards men. Also, a time of financial stress for many. The whole point of Freebie Diner is help you live a more affordable life by serving up offers that help you get stuff for […] Continue reading →

How to Download YouTube Videos Free Using FireFox [Photos]

YouTube videos for free - legally. YouTube logo, full colour How to Download YouTube Videos Free Using FireFox – A Beginners Guide In this article, I will show you how to download YouTube videos free, using FireFox plugins. Once you have gone over this guide and installed just one addon, you’ll be able to legally download your favourite videos of all kinds with one click […] Continue reading →

Anataflex Free Trial Review Rebuttal

Anataflex Free Trial Review featuring picture of company's ad Anataflex Free Trial Review Rebuttal As you may or may not know, one of Freebie Diner’s offers is for a free trial for Anataflex. At the bottom of that post, there is a comment from Jon that is less than glowing. Here’s what he said: “I can tell you, you will not like this product […] Continue reading →

Downloading Free Games: Important Safety Tips

Man downloading free games on his iDevice safely Downloading Free Games We all love free stuff and that includes fun games. However, in this age of hackers who have nothing better to do than to write malicious code, we all have to exercise some caution when it comes to downloading anything. Since Freebie Diner sometimes has free game downloads on its menu of […] Continue reading →