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Free Christmas Stuff – 11 Exciting Products!

Gingerbread People Flocking to the Free Christmas Stuff Is Free Christmas Stuff Really Sexy and Exciting? Depends on your point of view of course but the gingerbread people in the picture above sure think so. 🙂 Me, I think getting good things for free can fall under either of those categories, regardless of the occasion. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it […] Continue reading →

Free Halloween Printables and Decorations

Free Halloween Printables and Decorations - example of 3 different jack-o-lantern designs 3 Good Resources for Free Halloween Printables and Decorations to Get You Started Wow, where did summer go this year? It’s already October and very soon the trick or treaters will be outside your door. Be ready with some free Halloween printables and decorations to set a spooky atmosphere for all the little ghosts and […] Continue reading →

Vintage Kitchen Design Video

Vintage kitchen design from 1949 If you were a housewife in 1949, you would have been salivating over this new, modern kitchen design by the United States Department of Agriculture. Scientific studies were done to determine what was needed for peak efficiency and convenience in the post-war kitchens of America. What the USDA came up with was a U-shape design […] Continue reading →

4 Weird and Wonderful Microwave Tricks

Microwave with a bunch of bananas on top - 4 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Your Microwave Do you know anyone these days who doesn’t own a microwave? Me, either. Microwaves are fast, energy efficient and are now very, very affordable. Also, they don’t heat up the kitchen in summer like the stove or oven can. You can use your microwave for more than heating and cooking, though…   Experiment With These […] Continue reading →

Hallmark Movies List

Hallmark Hall of Fame Logo - Sampling of Hallmark Movies List This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy here. Tiny Sampling of the Hallmark Movies List Consider this post a peek-a-boo at the Hallmark Movies List. It is not nearly complete, nor does it even cover a fraction of what you and your family have available for your viewing pleasure. You are […] Continue reading →

Penny Auction Tips and Tricks

Penny auction tips and tricks - picture of woman bidding Penny Auction Sites – Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Started You’ve all seen those ads for penny auction sites. Some brands have become very popular. And who doesn’t want to get an iPad for practically nothing? It’s best not to jump into penny auctions all willy-nilly. Gain a few insights to keep your […] Continue reading →

Free Couponing Courses (Online)

Free Couponing Courses - ABC News Report about Extreme Couponing The Value of Free Couponing Courses – More Than Just Free If you’ve ever wanted to learn the secret (?) tips of extreme couponers, you may have considered looking into books or classes on the subject. After all, it certainly works on TV. If only you knew exactly how they do it, you could do […] Continue reading →