2015 Roundup of Offers You Loved and Hated

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Why a 2015 Roundup of Offers?

Well, 2016 is only a matter of hours old but being the curious type, I wanted to know which offers you loved the most and which ones were a definite thumbs down.


So, I know which types to look for this year and which ones to avoid.


What I used to determine the best and worst of offers, in terms of what you liked or didn’t, was really very simple:

  • Visitor data – how many visited the blog page and clicked through to an offer vs how many did not
  • Viewer response – comments, social media response, and so forth, if any

Tools of Measurement

To determine the popularity of an offer, I checked:

  • Site analytics
  • Social analytics *For some reason, I don’t have strike through, see note below
  • Offer provider statistics

I will break things down as much as possible and provide screen shots where I can.

The Offers You Loved and Loved to Hate Last Year

As you can see in the image below, I’m showing the top 18 posts from 2015. I figured that was enough.

Statistics in the advertiser dashboard seemed to back up the information.

Just an aside, the countries that visit these posts the most are (thankfully) the four that we seek offers for. In their order of volume of visits – US, UK, CA, AU

An unfortunate tidbit – it appears that someone high-jacked two of the site’s pages and redirected them to another site. Didn’t realize this until I did a content drill down! 🙁


Google Analytics of top 18 Freebie Diner posts from 2015

Only offers are circled. The rest are articles, admin or explained on the image


As I mentioned in the note way below, I had to take social out of the equation and will list those separately.

Number One Favourite

This was an eye-opener for me. I did not expect the Hallmark Feeln Trial would be number one in most checked out offers. I really thought it would be one for coupons or samples. Guess I’m a bad guesser. 🙂

In second, third and forth place:

Free Online Money Manifesting Course

MapsGalaxy Toolbar (Not currently available)

Free Baby Stuff for U.S. Residents

Ahh, but what about the second one down, the AnataFlex Trial Offer, you ask? Well, that one is interesting.

Your Least Favourite Offer

AnataFlex is a funny one. It was popular but for the wrong reasons. People hated this offer and thankfully, left comments to let others know.

That offer was actually posted (and expired) in 2014 but was still being viewed and commented on in 2015.

Social Faves

* While trying to determine the most popular offers on Twitter, I discovered that I suck at figuring out Twitter analytics.

It only allowed me to go back to September, plus the engagement percentage under the Tweets category differs from the percentage under the Top Tweets category. Huh? Why are they different?

So, I will list social details separately.

Anybody know of a free course? 🙂

Twitter Top Three, September to December 2015


1st Place…(No longer available)


2nd Place…(No longer available)


3rd Place…


So, to recap, you loved the Simple Recipes Club, Free Makeup Samples and Optimind offers, in that order.


Pinterest, September to December 2015

These two top repinned offers are more what I expected to see in the overall site data. Most of you liked the offers for baby stuff and samples.

The middle post is struck out, as it is an article, not an offer. (No, didn’t find a strike-through button, used a text box in word)


Your least favourite? It appears you weren’t crazy about this one:




I am seldom active on Google Plus, so there isn’t really a lot of offers there to check. However, of the few that are posted there, there was one winner that stood out:



Conclusion of This 2015 Roundup of Offers

Upon looking back at the information above, the offer that appears most often is Manifesting E-course. Samples (trial and regular) appear to be popular, as well. So, that’s where I’ll start my freebies hunt for you this year.

If you have any offer requests, or any favourites from above, let me know in the comments or on one of the Freebie Diner social channels.


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