Free 2017 Discovery Pass from Parks Canada

Free 2017 Discovery Pass from Parks Canada - girl looking at beautiful mountain scenery Get a Free 2017 Discovery Pass for Parks Canada Since Canada Day is fast approaching, I thought it a good time to bring to your attention the free 2017 Discovery Pass from Parks Canada. This isn’t just for Canadians, all people are welcome from anywhere in the world to come and help celebrate Canada’s 150th […] Continue reading →

$50,000 Instant Win Game to Play for Free

$50,000 Instant Win Sweepstakes Contest Enter Now Banner New Instant Win Sweepstakes Game *** Sorry, this sweepstakes offer has expired *** The Click4Riches Instant Win Game is a fun new sweepstakes offer that we have for you today. It’s free to play and you might even win the $50,000 prize! This offer is open to U.S. residents with a U.S. address. [This post […] Continue reading →

Freebie Heroes | Lauren Puryear honours Lauren Puryear of Love to Others, congratulations image, wonder woman text A New Addition to Our Freebie Heroes Hall of Fame I know I’m a couple of days late with this post but I couldn’t miss listing Lauren Puryear in our Freebie Heroes section. She’s been up to some pretty amazing things, using coupons to help others. What’s so impressive (aside from her generosity) about this […] Continue reading →

Free Disney Puzzle App [iPhone, iPad, iPod]

Free Disney Puzzle App picture * This offer has been paused, no longer available – sorry. Play Your Way Through the Free Disney Puzzle App Here’s an offer for a free Disney puzzle app that the whole family will love. Choose from well-known Disney titles, as you test your puzzling skills to unlock more free puzzles. It’s like a walk […] Continue reading →

Confessions of a Samples Hoarder

Samples hoarder collection of samples I Confess – I Am a Samples Hoarder! I am not a hoarder in general, honest. It’s just the samples, the mountain of samples that I’ve collected over years and decades. Currently, I’ve pared my collection down to 53. Fifty-three may sound like a lot but this haul started out much larger. My original intentions […] Continue reading →

Free Downy Unstoppable Samples

Free Downy Unstoppable Samples - 3 Bottles Get Free Downy Unstoppable Samples *** Sorry, this offer has expired. Ya gotta be fast. 🙂 *** *This offer is for U.S. Residents only. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy here Today’s offer comes to you from the good folks at Downy. Claim your free samples of the Unstoppables on […] Continue reading →